Our company offers major services which all comply with the current regulations including lighting/control/protection systems

Installation of New Electrical Systems

Over the years, we have built up a solid customer base with which we have strong working relationships, and during that time Shaws Electrical Engineers have been invloved in many large contracts, including work within the Industrial, Commercial, Leisure, and Retail market


We have been invloved in extending circuits, cutting into circuits, extending switch boards and general alterations within our customers systems.

Power Wiring

Installation of power cables LV have included having to excavate, lay cables and backfill cables as well as install on containment systems

Control Wiring

We are invloved in a wide variety of control wiring projects as we have many different types of customers with differenet needs, these include control wiring for protection circuits and control wiring for process control.


We maintain LV switch gear. We also carry out periodic inspections to BS7671

Testing and repair

From an installation point of view everything must be tested in accordance witha code of practice which we abide by. All cabling shall be tested in accordance to BS7671 standards.

Fault finding

We have the ability to trace cables and identify faults on the system. With our TDR’s and radio detection equipment we can pin point the faults on the system down to the last few meters.